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Congress Resolutions

Final resolutions from Dakar 2012 are now available here

So this be happiness.... Denmark tops the World Happiness Report


I have no qualification to speak about happiness at all. Afterall, I am a tall, white, educated, male. I ostensibly belong to one of the larger religions. There are few obstacles in my path that are not self-inflicted. 

African daze and my Copenhagen misconceptions

Denmark weatherSorry Denmark, but, for the moment, you have to suffer the slight of stereotypes about your northern extremes and fears that your population is still suffering from near-frostbite temperatures. That your rivers are frozen over and most of your population get to work via skidoo.

Haidar El Ali, leader of the Senegalese Green Party, FEDES, is the country's environment minister

Haider El Ali with mediaThe night before we left Senegal, we had a thank-you dinner for the volunteers who had been instrumental to the success of the event - and we had it at Haidar El Aliss Oceanium location - a couple of thousand hectares right on the Senegalese coastline and just down the hill from the presidential palace. Now, as I walk into my home in Brussels, the phone is vibrating with the news - Haidar is Senegal's Minister of the Environment.

Poverty voyeurism, versus tourism, is an ugly trait

Ville des Artistes, DakarYesterday afternoon, we managed to slip over the the Ville des Artistes in Dakar. They understand tourism - you are invited in and asked to take photos and talk to the artisans.  Yesterday morning, I also went out to take photos where the fishing boats arrive. Here I was, in my shorts, Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt, a pair of crocs about to take photos of some of the poorest people I would encounter on this trip - and suddenly my entire photographic venture smacked of tourist poverty/poverty voyeurism. 


We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our sponsors. Without your help, none of the great things we have accomplished these last few days would have been possible.

Al fresco bus rides

Taxi bus in Dakar, Senegal

There are some small ideas here in Senegal that I want to remember to get online. And every time I am in a "safe" taxi, we pass one of these local buses, and I remember I should get a photo. These are the mass transport machines for Dakar and they are always, always, always full.


Post event mass of shards of paper and business cards - what to do with 2,369 images

Thousands of images from DakarJoline and I have, literally, thousands of images from the Congress that we have to cull and then post so everyone can get access to the pics. But we will also be asking for help in tagging faces, adding names, helping us create some decent captions.

A yellow and black near-death trap


Near-death in DakarNeither I nor any of my friends were injured in creating this blog entry - but it was not for lack of opportunity.  Now, the state of Dakar taxis has already been mentioned in this blog, so it was not as if we had no idea what to expect when we were swept up by a driver and herded off to his yellow and black tin box. And it was not that surprising that the doors creaked and moaned as we got inside. However it was disconcerting when the driver got in and his door fell off the hinges and dangled off the side of the car frame. It had to be hoisted back up, the grooves found and then the door slammed shut. And then we sat there, motionless. ... Perhaps we should have been suspicious when he had to persuade a few locals to push the car until the engine turned over and he could drive under his own power.

Greetings to the Global Greens Saudações de Portugal


Dear Green Friends
Gathered in Dakar for the 3rd Global Greens

The Portuguese Greens would like to send a strong and warm greeting to
the Global Greens congress and to it's participants.

Congress procedures: update


The Global Greens Coordination has amended the draft Congress procedures to:

Streaming live from #Dakar

We are livestreaming plenary sessions, right from Dakar. Tune in via

Seeing some direction through the fog


Congresses absorb you. They envelope you and, when behind the scenes, the event itself, why people come, gets lost in the dust of organization. Yesterday was like that for me. I was taken away by technical requirements, e-mails, calls and timing. I forget that I was at an event. Tht people were here for that reason. That is why the bosses are supposed to be slightly free of the mayhem. I say they should be. They simply cannot escape it, but at least they get to be absorbed, slightly more, in the big picture.

Les Global Greens a Dakar : Demandez le programme !


Alors que les délégués du monde entier continuent d'arriver à Dakar, la Coordination des Global Greens - l'instance exécutive de la fédération des fédérations des partis Verts - tient sa première conférence de presse dans la capitale sénégalaise, en cette après-midi brumeuse.

Between paddling ducks and boiling frogs, this Congress is exhausting

OK, it is official. The is nothing as exhausting as a Congress. It has not even started yet and the level of work is insane. I have fallen asleep in conversations. I sat with the event organizer today who fell into a deep, if temporary sleep, in the middle of the afternoon on a car drive home. Others look so pale, even the African sun is not going to help their complexion. They are going to end the week as blood-drained zombies.

From Nepal to Dakar - guest blog


Although my by birth name is Mr. Babu Kaji Shrestha (only my parents know me with this name) but I am widely known as Mr.B K Dalit at local, national and international level. This name is itself a symbolic protest against caste-based discrimination to people.

Only a fisherman would drink this coffee

On the side of the road, they sell a cheap coffee for the fishermen. This is served with a heavy pour of sugar and then coffee poured from on high into the cup, to mix the sugar. The first sip is a shock of taste. This is strong. The second is the impact of the coffee. We were convinced that we would not fall asleep for the rest of the day, even given the ridiculous starting hour.

Le rue de Dakar sent le jasmin


La rue en liesse, la musique, la danse, une ambiance de 10 mai 81 ou de victoire en coupe du monde. Je me souviendrai longtemps de mon arrivée à Dakar le dimanche 25 mars 2012. Et je ne serai pas le seul.

Les Dakarois, les Sénégalais, tous les démocrates africains et les citoyens du monde, partout sur la planète, quand ils auront saisi l'importance de l’élection de Macky Sall à la Présidence du Sénégal.

Election day - part II

Well, we managed to shake ourselves free of yet another meeting to discuss the needs of the upcoming Congress and escaped immediately, via taxi, for the city centre. ... We were looking for a massive crowd, a sense of election excitement as everyone goes to the polls. Well, the city cnetre was almost empty, only taxis and the occasional street vendors to be seen. We stumbled across a market in its last minutes and bought some nic-nacs and art stuff - and then went for a meal and coffee. 

Election Day in Senegal - my life could be worse

I remember a distant memory when there was anxiety about heading to Dakar, Senegal, for the Global Greens Congress. It seems odd, now that I am here.